Vampire GT
  • Dash Switch that lets you select either Rear Wheel and All Wheel Drive
  • New Styled All Wheel Drive 5 Speed Transmission with Reverse
  • Working Hand of God Steering with remote cockpit steering
  • 4 Wheel Independent Suspension
  • Turning a Small Bevel Gear in the rear will Open and Close Each Door
  • Opening Hood and Rear Hatch

The Vampire GT... A car that I have been pondering over for the past few years... I knew that this one had to be different from anything that I had done before. It had to have Gull-wing doors, it had to be black, and it had to have a menacing front fascia. I was fairly certain that none of those things were going to be a real problem, but what I ultimately needed was a unique chassis as a base for the new body design.... In July of 2011 I began to construct a new transmission that not only shifted differently than the standard 5+R gearbox that has been around for the past 12 years, but also had Gear Ratios that were slightly more realistic.

During the build of the transmission, I knew that all wheel drive was the next step with it, after that I incorporated a switch on the dash that takes the car from rear wheel drive to all wheel drive. This works by simply flipping the switch up for all wheel drive or down to transfer power to just the rear wheels... The suspension is similar to the suspension that I used on my Murcielago model and the original design that I came up with back in 2006 on my first Deluxe Supercar. The steering works smooth as silk both in-car and through the "Hand of God" steering located in front of the dashboard. After I completed the all wheel drive chassis, I knew that it was time to begin the "Vampire" quest.

Which started by building a second all wheel drive chassis completely in Red. I could just picture in my mind how cool it would look to have an all black car with peeks of red from the chassis. The Gull-wing doors are without a doubt the signature of this model. This is the first car that I have done Gull-wing doors on and I knew that I had to do something really special to live up to the standards that had been done many times in the past by the truly great builders in the world. I spent about 2 straight weeks tinkering with 100's of ideas until I finally came up with a design that works incredibly well.

Each door can be opened and closed by turning a small bevel gear located in the rear of the car. I sent some early pictures to Eric Albrecht and Fernando Correia to show them what I was working on and to get some opinions. Eric said to eliminate the blue 3L pins and 2L axle pins that were visible in the body and Fernando suggested to get rid of the red 2L axles in the body. And when these 2 guys make a suggestion, it will probably work to your advantage, so that was just what I did, and the end result does indeed look much better.

All of the parts for my Vampire GT model are fairly easy to get, but it does contain Four rare pieces, which are the Four 19L Black flex axles. And also about Forty 2L Black axle pins throughout the body... Maybe if this model gets enough votes on Cuusoo, Lego will have to bring these parts Back in Black!

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Update 11-11-2013

Vampire GT DayWalker - October 3rd through October 13th

All proceeds benefit Brayden Yorchak

Update 5-26-2012

The Vampire GT Charity Auction ended today on Ebay and Raised $1,626 for Make-A-Wish!!!

Thanks to Derek Ward from the United Kingdom for his Generous Heart and Even more Generous Donation.
Together we will help make a youngster's Wish come true!

I hope you enjoy the Vampire GT that you have won!
I loved Designing it!
Hopefully everyone will get to own one someday soon!

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