Monster Truck

This is my first real attempt at stepping out of the Supercar realm...

Some Kind of Monster

I based the body style off of a 57 Chevy style classic car with a body that is a module in itself that can be easily taken off and switched with another body.. The future goal is to design more bodies that can work with the same Monster chassis... The V8 engine is also modular and can be taken out by removing 4 axles...

The steering was a bit tricky to get to work along with the drive train and I had almost given up on it, but thanks to the frictionless CV Joints(which allow an axle to glide into and out of them), everything started to fall into place...

Working with the new hubs again... They have a bit of play as usual, but the tires do not rub anything even when steered at tight angles and the suspension is prssed down in that direction...


This model could easily be modified to be motorized and driven...


I knew that I would eventually find a good use for those micro panels... :)

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