2012 AWD Transmission
  • Modified version of the 5 Speed with Reverse Transmission
  • That can be used for a All Wheel Drive Car
  • The Reverse Gear is Below the 5th Gear
  • Switch on Chassis changes from Rear Wheel Drive to A.W.D.

This is my New Concept for 2012. The Transmission follows the same 5 Speed Shift pattern as most American cars such as the Ford Mustang and the Ratios are much more realistic than the standard Gearbox in the 8448 Street Sensation and 8466 Offroader.

1st Gear 2.08 : 1
Gear 1.60 : 1
Gear 1.25 : 1
Gear 1 : 1
Gear .75 : 1
Reverse 2.25 : 1

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