2011 supercar
  • 2011 Lego® Technic Supercar
  • Built in studless design with full suspension
  • Both Hand of God steering
  • V8 Engine
  • 4 Function control box
  • Functions: that is operated by shifting into 4 different positions and turning a knob in the rear. Turning clockwise - counter clockwise open and closes all functions.

I started building the chassis for my new Supercar in September 2010 after the first Preliminary Photos of the new 8070 Technic Supercar leaked out. I really liked what the designers at Lego had done with this new model.

I had often thought about having the hood and doors open remotely before with some of my previous models, but I had always thought that this was actually a boring feature and really didn't offer up any type of challenge as I have done many doors and hoods that open and operate in many diferent ways in the past, but I was intrigued with how Lego was using a control box where the transmission would normally be to switch between all of these different functions and a motor to actually move them , so I decided to try my hand at something similar, but without the motor as I am not a big fan of the much too large battery boxes or power function motors.

I instead went with a simple knob that I incorporated into the rear end of the car that opens all of the functions by turning it clockwise and closes them by turning it counter-clockwise. At first I was following the same pattern that Lego was using by having the 2 positions on the left (forward and back) to open and close each door, but I just felt that it would be better to have the proper position on each side of the control plate in the up position for the door on that side.

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